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Re: LYNX-DEV Re: Setting up a fund for specific development?

From: Jason F. McBrayer
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Re: Setting up a fund for specific development?
Date: 08 Jan 1998 10:52:42 -0600

>>>>> "DC" == David Combs <address@hidden> writes:

RE> "Also most tables won't fit in 80 columns."

DC> The way I see it, more and more of us are getting
DC> 20-inch screens; Sun (and others) now sells a 24-inch
DC> screen.  These things are getting wider.  Even 17
DC> allows a lot more columns than 80.

I don't think screen size is terribly relevant.  Both my 14" monitor
and my 12" dumb terminal allow 132-column mode.  Based on experience
with Emacs-W3, that's probably enough for most tables.

[horizontal scrolling]

DC> In fact Lynx itself could do horizontal scrolling, almost
DC> trivially easily if that underlying module you load in for
DC> display-out provides it.  Or maybe the people who maintain THAT
DC> software could be talked into adding it.

Ncurses certainly supports horizontal scrolling.  Getting lynx to
actually use it would be beyond my abilities at least, and then
there's always the problem of user interface.  I think many tables
(but not tables-for-layout) _could_ be done in 80 columns if we could
parse them properly: to see what I mean, LaTeX up a document with a
fancy table in some wide nasty monspace font and look at it with
dvi2tty.  Nice tables in 80 columns, ASCII output.

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