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From: T.E.Dickey
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 22:02:12 -0500 (EST)

> > Does NSL-FORK work for anyone? I had no success on my Linux 2.1.79 with
> > ac108 -- when I try for example (doesn't have a
> On SunOS4.1.3, the NSL_FORK works fine in ac-0.108.  Pressing ^G stops
> the lookup.
good -- at least it works for someone.  Perhaps there is a portability
problem.  (I have one minor display issue, plus the handful of bug reports
from this week, to investigate).  It's too soon, I suppose, to get feedback
to ensure that we've got Fote's changes incorporated w/o errors, but that's
also an issue.
> BTW, the help install message does not appear to have changed.  Quoting
> wasn't the point; I'd hoped the wording would change, and a new line
> would be inserted to set the message off.
ok - I thought it was quoting (to work around something with the shell
expansion of make flags).  If you want to offset the message, perhaps
a blank line after as well...

>       1998-01-06
>       [...]
>       * quote message in install rule, just in case (from HEN). - TD
> I still get the following:
>       ews% make install
>       [...]
>               ./lynx.cfg >/home/nelsonhe/.usr/lib/lynx.cfg
>       chmod 0644 /home/nelsonhe/.usr/lib/lynx.cfg
>       Use make install-help to install the help-files
>       ews% 
> __Henry

Thomas E. Dickey

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