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Re: LYNX-DEV Bugfix for DOS (version ac-0.108)

From: Doug Kaufman
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Bugfix for DOS (version ac-0.108)
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 19:48:39 -0800 (PST)

On 23 Jan 1998, Hasan Karahasan, DJ2xt wrote:

> This problem exists since pdc2.3 has been used to create lynx386. It does not
> exist with pdc2.2. In pdc2.3 ^c and ^break are not handled correctly. I have
> reported this to some responsibles here in the list several times. But they
> eighter are not interested in solving this or they don't believe me. They have
> answered that this was a problem only occuring on a german keyboard layout.
> Therefore it could not be reproduced on an us keyboard. What experts !!! Well,

I am not sure that we have any PDCurses experts on the list.  I made a
patch to PDCurses2.3 (see INSTALLATION for link), which I thought fixed
problems with ^C and ^BREAK (at least when BREAK set ON in DOS).  It
seems that Wayne is concentrating on the Win95 version of lynx; Bill
Schiavo and Michael Sokolov have an interest in the DOS port; I have
tried to make some patches, but I don't really know C programming.

> The fact is that - if lynx is busy with waiting saying "http request sent;
> waiting forresponse" - you _cannot exit_ from it. You can _only exit_ if lynx
> is idle. Lynx is idle, when it is not busy with loading or rendering. It is
> very important to exit from lynx also when it is busy. Say you have done a
> http request, and you are waiting for response. Then it can happen that you
> wait and wait because the net is to slow for the moment. There is no way to
> interrupt lynx than making a warm reboot of your system. Okay, this maybe

This is exactly the situation where I use ^BREAK.  As long as BREAK was
set to ON, I was able to exit.  With the patch I recently submitted, you
shouldn't have to set BREAK to ON for this to work.  Are you sure that
(1) the patch was applied to PDCurses and (2) BREAK was ON before you
invoked lynx?

Has anyone else experienced this problem with exiting from lynx when it
seems to hang (using the lynx_386 DOS port)?
> If you want to get rid of this problem use pdc2.2 instead or contact the pdc
> programmers to convince them working on this bug. But stop working around the
> bug itself within lynx's sources.

I joined the PDCurses mailing list shortly after making the patch I
mentioned above.  In the past several months there has been exactly one
post to the list, from Wayne Buttles about lynx and PDCurses.  There
doesn't appear to be much public development.
> I have been compiling my own lynx executable still using pdc2.2 since then. My

Does anyone know what the major changes were between PDCurses2.2 and the
PDCurses2.3 beta, as they affect lynx?  I have never used the 2.2
Doug Kaufman
Internet: address@hidden (preferred)

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