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LYNX-DEV unworkable ftp URLs

From: wreif
Subject: LYNX-DEV unworkable ftp URLs
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 00:33:46 -0500

I have had no success downloading certain files with the extention .mp3,
which files are referenced by URLs similar in form to the following:

The result of an attempt is normally that Lynx will give the "making FTP
request" message and wait for a very long time before giving the "unable
to access document" message.  This inability effects both the UNIX
version and the DOS version, which I have configured to use a proxy and
which proxy times out with a "network socket" error.  I cannot reach these
URLS using NCFTP either.  Neither Lynx nor Ncftp indicates the URL or file
cannot be found.  Does anyone have any ideas as to whether the URLs, as
they arrear on the status line, are accurate or should be edited in some
way to get te other side to start sending?

-- Bill Reif
-- Springfield, Illinois --

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