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Re: LYNX-DEV Lynx Installation

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Lynx Installation
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 11:36:39 -0500 (EST)

> > I am trying to install Lynx version 2.6 on HPUX 10.10
> > ...
> > I used "make snake3" ...
> > This is the Error being listed
> > ===============================
> > 
> > (Bundled) cc: warning 480: The -O option is available only with the C/ANSI 
> > C product; ignored.
> I believe this is the crux of your problem ... HP has 2 C compilers ...  a
> "bundled" one it ships will all systems so you can re-build the kernel
> when needed and a different, far better but "for optional cost" compiler
> which handles ANSI C (the "free" one does not.) It appears you are using
> the bundled one.
the development version (afaik) builds with either - though I have no 10.x
system to verify this.  (Lynx's source-code can be built with either a
K&R or ANSI compiler).
> You could try to get/install the ANSI C compiler or we can "talk" off-line
> from this list and I can try to arrange a way we can get my compiled
> version to you.
> (BTW, that build is set up for installation into the now-more-standard for
> HP-UX 10.X+ "/opt/lynx" directory, rather than "/usr/local/bin".)
> If you do decide to continue to build it yourself, be aware that you may
> be in for some other problems, too. From my "Notes" file:
> 2. Due to a bug in the delivered HP-UX curses package, this version of
>    lynx was built with ncurses. In order to accomplish that, find the
>    'snake3' portion of lynx2-7/Makefile and make it reference ncurses by
>    changing to these lines:
>                -DSNAKE -I../$(WWWINC) $(SITE_DEFS) -I/opt/ncurses/include" \
>                LIBS="-L/opt/ncurses/lib -lncurses -ltermcap \
there's more than one version of HP curses as delivered (the default one,
I'm told, is the one with a broken 'select()' call - but Hcurses and
curs_color may also work).  You need an ANSI compiler with ncurses,
but I don't know about the others.
>    (There may be other, better ways to do this, but this worked.)
> 3. To make it compile on HP-UX, make the following
>    change to lynx2-7/WWW/Library/snake/Makefile:
> ... [deleted notes about changes for "/opt/..." install] ...
> And just in case there are some Domain/OS users who read this far:
I've not seen any for a while (are there any on lynx-dev?)
> 7. For those who still have Apollo Domain/OS systems and would want to use
>    lynx 2.7 there, the original source would not have compiled since on that
>    system S_IFIFO is the same as S_IFSOCK. To correct this, I made one
>    additional change to prevent the S_IFSOCK code from being compiled on
>    Apollo systems. For this fix, change the code in the S_IFSOCK area of file
>    lynx2-7/WWW/Library/Implementation/HTFile.c to look like this:
>     #ifndef apollo
>     #ifdef S_IFSOCK
>                       case S_IFSOCK: type = 's'; break;
>     #endif /* S_IFSOCK */
>     #endif /* apollo */
a little better, perhaps, (uglier but handles more than apollo):
#ifdef S_IFSOCK
# ifdef S_IFIFO
                        case S_IFSOCK: type = 's'; break;
#  endif
# else
                        case S_IFSOCK: type = 's'; break;
# endif
>  Dave Eaton

Thomas E. Dickey

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