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LYNX-DEV LYNX low level key mapping - Problems

From: Eric Anderson
Subject: LYNX-DEV LYNX low level key mapping - Problems
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 09:25:31 -0500

I am looking for input from anyone else who may have had similar
difficulties with LYNX recognizing "special" keys of various terminals.
The problem I have is thus: On certain terminal types, special keys such
as PGUP, PGDN, END, etc, generate codes which lynx recognizes
incorrectly. For example pressing PGDN generates the sequence ^[[150q,
LYNX seems to ignore everything except the q, which causes it to quit. I
walked thru checking terminfo with one of our demi-gurus (I don't think
we have any deified gurus here). and he thinks that all of the keys are
getting handled correctly with the terminfo information. THe keys work
properly with our other software, other applications, emacs, etc. 

If anyone has seen, and even better, conquered, a problem like this,
please point me in the right direction (or just flat out tell me what I
gotta do :-) ) I will be happy to provide any more information that you


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