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LYNX-DEV ac #117

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: LYNX-DEV ac #117
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 14:00:16 -0500 (EST)

This is ac #117 (includes a last minute improvement by LP).  Tomorrow I
will make changes to set up a pre-release version of Lynx 2.8; a week should
be adequate before a formal release.


NOTE: this patch removes one of the two HTML.h files (if you do not remove it,
Lynx will not build).  The one under WWW/Library/Implementation is gone now.


+ modify LYmktime() so that 2-digit years must be greater/equal to 70 to be in
  1900's (patch by Bela Lubkin).  Also adjust parse_windows_nt_dir_entry() and
  parse_cms_dir_entry() as noted by Bela - TD
* comment-out entries in cp1252_uni.tbl which correspond to nonprinting
  control-characters - LP
* add logic in SGML.c to correspond with 2.7.2 logic for codes used by
  MicroSoft FrontPage. - LP
* remove unneeded code for nbsp, ensp, emsp, thinsp and shy from handle_entity()
  in SGML.c - LP
* ifdef UPPER8 function with EXP_8BIT_TOUPPER, add configure option to allow
  testing. - TD
* case-insensitive search and 8bit letters: 
  It was realized that information about upper/lower mapping got from TOUPPER
  which depends on locale in its 8bit and usually fails on non-UNIX systems. 
  We introduce UPPER8 and strcasecomp8 to implement 8-bit aware
  case-independent search using one simple assumption:  8bit upper/lower case
  letters have their "7bit approximation" images (in def7_uni.tbl) matched
  case-insensitively (7bit).  (see LYStrings.c, also HTString.c and
  LYMainLoop.c).  - LP & TD
* add SunOS 4.x-specific ifdef to quiet redefinition warnings for sys/ioctl.h
  vs sys/termios.h - TD
* convert usage/options messages into arrays to simplify maintenance. - TD
* add "-useragent" command-line option to set "User-Agent" (request by Merlin
  Mathesius <address@hidden>).  - LP
* tweak HTML in LYDownload.c, LYPrint.c to restore some double-spacing effects
  altered in 'collapsible spaces' change 1998-01-25 (reported by James Elkinton
  <address@hidden>).  - LP
* use strncasecomp/strcasecomp consistently throughout to avoid library
  dependency on strncasecmp/strcasecmp. - TD
* correct lengths in several strncasecmp calls for command-line options
  (though -w is still an abbreviation for -width). - TD
* test-build with BSD curses on OS/2 EMX (does not display properly), and
  with ncurses.
* add configure check CF_FUNC_LSTAT.
* modify CF_CHECK_ERRNO so that configure script on OS/2 EMX finds sys_errlist.
* reset styles[] and styleSheet list in DefaultStyle.c, HTML.c so that when
  a user reloads a page with ^R, we undo changes to those data structures
  (reported by Larry Virden). - TD
* remove extra copy of HTML.h from Implementation directory. - TD
* add CF_GCC_ATTRIBUTES to configure script, to use in flushing out unused
  parameter warnings (and later, to support prototypes for logging). - TD
* rename 'extra_entities' to 'unicode_entities' (recommended by LP) - TD
* add configure option --use-default-colors, to allow background color to use
  default value (request by SUNAGAWA Keiki <address@hidden>) -
* change default for --disable-internal-links so it is normally-off - TD

Thomas E. Dickey

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