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Re: LYNX-DEV No Win16 version

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV No Win16 version
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 18:19:31 -0500 (EST)

> TED> I'm interested in feedback (I never did see patches from the
> TED> fellow who was working on this, but I was able to build & run it
> TED> locally using ncurses & Ripoll's patches for autoconf).
> You never saw patches from me because I only have a satisfactorily
> working Lynx 2.7.1; I have a fairly recent (circa ac-102) Lynx on my
> machine, but it's bug-ridden and there's no point in me distributing
> patches.  I could probably get one working quite quickly if I didn't
> care about drive letter support, but I do, and the DOS hacks for that
> die horribly on OS/2 (because of HTDOS_wwwName not being re-entrant?)
> And of course, defining DOSPATH is out since DOSPATH implies a bunch
> of unrelated things like that you want your terminal type to be
> hardcoded as "vt100"!
I agree - there are far too many DOSPATH ifdef's.  If I'm in that corner
again, soon, I'll add some more fixes.  (I didn't use a 'vt100', anyway:
it was working properly with color, though the contrast for the colors
in the console window wasn't as crisp as I'd like - but that's a different

I can only verify that 2.8pre builds (using the configure script and
ncurses) & runs locally.  But I've no network configured for OS/2 (so
there's things I cannot test).
> I hope to get a current Lynx and work on it soon since I'm seeing the
> 2.8-pre stuff now, but I'm at a very busy stage in my life (have
> comprehensive exams in two months) and don't have time to work on it.
> Hopefully Juanjo's autoconf patches will make it easier to deal with
> this time, but I still will have to manually go through and change
> 80-90% of the #ifdef DOSPATH to #if defined(DOSPATH) || defined(OS2)
> since the other 10-20% of DOSPATH entries have nothing to do with
> pathnames....sorry.  I seem to have gone into flame mode there.
> Hopefully I'll get a weekend where I can catch up.
Sure - I'm patient.  Perhaps in the summer you can finish it off.  (I went
through the exercise of building it to validate the work we've been doing
with ncurses and autoconf).

If you have a patch against a known version, I can try integrating them
against the current one.  That would save some time (but as you said,
there's the end of the term coming up - I have a hunch you'd like to pass).
> | Jason F. McBrayer              address@hidden |

Thomas E. Dickey

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