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LYNX-DEV lynx - tcp/ip

From: lc
Subject: LYNX-DEV lynx - tcp/ip
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 12:42:10 -0100

Hello over there.

I am a danish teacher, who has a little problem with Lynx. I have a 
blind pupil, who can not use Windows on her workstation. We get our 
TCP/IP-protocolstack within Novell Client32 and it works fine. Out 
of the house we have a permanent open connection, so that we donĀ“t 
need to dial up. We can ping any computer in the hole world. But 
Lynx.exe does not function. It tells us, that there is no 
ppacketdriver loaded, Which sounds strange.
Can anyone help os please? It is very urgent for the blind girl.

Greetings from
Katrine Skov and Lars Christensen

e-mail: address@hidden
Lars Christensen
Bording Skole
7441 Bording

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