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Re: LYNX-DEV am I too late?

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV am I too late?
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 20:04:55 -0500 (EST)

> Just so my problem is understood, it doesn't matter a bit what the 
> background is for the Fujitsu FMDPC642 because it will be black no 
> matter what color is set.   What matters is the foreground.  If the 
> foreground is black, as the present default is for COLOR:0, you get 
> a blank screen.  In my situation, any foreground color besides black 
> and blue (yeah, they really bruise me:) is acceptable.  This is an 
> architecture incompatability problem, and cannot be fixed by any 
> setting on the host (same essential reason that lpansi will not print 
> on these machines).  
I'm not fond of blue on black (though it's working fine on Linux console at
the moment since it's also bold ;-).
> I have a FreeBSD console available (although the NEC98 porting patches 
> make some improvements in color handling among other things), so what 
> I'll try to work in these last few days is some time to find a compromise 
> between Laura's, yours and my needs. 
Well, I'll listen - my preference is for a sample lynx.cfg (though
that's a large file, and people don't like patches...)
> Is there anyone else out there who has a particular _need_ (not talking 
> about preferences here) for color combinations for the 8 (actually 7 
> since #3 is not implemented) colors defined for slang and curses?  Note 
> this has nothing to do with the experimental style-sheet code which uses 
> the color scheme read from lynx.lss. 
> > I'm currently using the 'default' color for backgrounds, since it lets me 
> > set the background to whatever's appropriate for the terminal, and (if we 
> > have to change things) would recommend that we support that instead. 
> Agreed. 
The program will recognize 'default' (which means white on black unless
you have ncurses or slang to modify the behavior).
You might try that out & see if it works for you.
> > As a matter of fact, since LE's apparently using slang, she should be 
> > able to set an environment variable to get this effect -- something like 
> > $DEFAULTFGBG.  With ncurses, I do it differently.  (SVr4 curses won't 
> Laura, here's a good hint to check into.  I'll also see if it will do 
> anything for me. 
ok - I haven't dug into the slang part much (but of course am aware of it).
> __Henry  

Thomas E. Dickey

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