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Re[2]: LYNX-DEV Is this a server or a lynx problem?

From: Michael Seven
Subject: Re[2]: LYNX-DEV Is this a server or a lynx problem?
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 17:57:43 -0800

Hello Philip,

Monday, 16 March 98, you wrote:

PW> 980316 Larry Virden wrote: 
>> When I attempt to access  <URL:> ,
>> which claims to check the version of the browser one is using
>> and let you know if you don't have the latest,
>> the screen clears and lynx reports for me 190 bytes read,
>> but nothing else happens.
>> Anyone know if this is a remote problem or a lynx problem?
PW> i got the same reaction: it always hangs after  190 bytes  ( z  exits),
PW> even when i asked for the source, which seems innocuous, ending  <br> ;
PW> i tried using  -dump  to a file, which sat there till i did  ^c ,
PW> when the file was empty.  never seen nuthin like it ...
PW> you could try sending an e-mail to  owner  from the (mutilated) page.

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I get 100 of these e-mails everyday and don't know why. Do you?

Best regards,
 Michael                            mailto:address@hidden

Best regards,
 Michael                            mailto:address@hidden

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