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Re: LYNX-DEV Do SureTrade, e.Schwab, or Wells Fargo Online work with SSL

From: David Woolley
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Do SureTrade, e.Schwab, or Wells Fargo Online work with SSL?
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 08:12:27 +0000 (GMT)

> Do you mean that *my* use is commercial, and that *I* would be violating
> the copyright, or do you mean my ISP, by providing an SSL enabled lynx,

I think that provision by the ISP would be commercial use (the reason I
said unambiguous was because of the involvement of the ISP), but that,
unless the licence says otherwise, use to access a commercial service
might be as well, however, in this second case, I think that it would be
too expensive to sue individuals and that doing so would tend to bring
software patents into disrepute and therefore be against the interests
of the patent holder.  The position on putting it in your private area
might depend on whether or not the narrower definition of business use
applies and whether your ISP encouraged you to do so; your main risk
would probably be that the ISP would be asked to remove the software
from your area, but even this would probably be unlikely because Lynx
is not seen as a serious product by the commercial market.

Nothing in the above should be taken as guaranteeing that any particular
course of action is legally safe.

You probably need to consult an intellectual property rights lawyer if
you want to use SSL Lynx for anything except recreational or educational
purposes, on your own machine.

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