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Re: LYNX-DEV Help files

From: Al Gilman
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Help files
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 08:07:46 -0500 (EST)

to follow up on what Scott McGee said:
> >
> >Sends us to a requirements-discovery dialog.  Modifying lynx.cfg
> >vs not modifying lynx.cfg is means.  We need to compare the ends
> >that Scott and I are trying to reach.  I want the default value
> >of HELPFILE in the system-wide lynx.cfg to vary consistent with the
> >decision to install Help or not to install Help.  Scott, can that
> >be made consistent with the install process you want to use?
> Hmm, at the end of a long week, I feel like I only understood half of
> that, but what I want is to be able to specify the HELP URL (either
> in lynx.cfg, a configure option, or whatever) and not have it changed
> to a FILE://... URL when I install the help. I don't ask (though it 
> would be nice) that the installation process be able to install the
> help files in the final location, just that I can specify an HTTP
> URL and not have it changed. If I _DO NOT_ specify, then the current
> behavior of changing it to correspond with the location where the
> HELP files are installed is fine. In other words, I may have a better
> HTTP URL for the specified file location and don't want it changed
> to a FILE:// URL if I specify it.
> Is that clear, or should I try again tomorrow after some rest?

Yes, this can all be handled in a consistent, if switch-rich,
fashion.  [I think] Here is an outline of how it would work.  I
am going to stop confusing things with wrong syntax.

If no option is exercised, the HELP URL should point to the
breakout address (at SLCC.EDU) for the release which is being

If the installation of help is enabled, the HELP URL shifts (by
default) to a file: URL for this location.

Whether or not the help is installed, if the install parameters or
options explicitly designate a HELP URL then this value is used,
overriding either version of the default.

I see no problem with an explicitly defined HELP URL taking
precedence over the file: URL inferred from the filepath give for
installing the Help tree.


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