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sites with Bad generated html (was Re: LYNX-DEV Using Lynx on the server

From: Jason F. McBrayer
Subject: sites with Bad generated html (was Re: LYNX-DEV Using Lynx on the server side)
Date: 25 Mar 1998 10:49:42 -0600

>>>>> "FMG" == Filip M Gieszczykiewicz <address@hidden> writes:

FMG> If you thought that Ford got ripped off by a Web designer who
FMG> blocked all non-big-two access, wait till you see what happened
FMG> to Sharp...


FMG> No <html>, two </html>'s and a bunch of navigation maps that
FMG> don't work in lynx... and only two that do... Am I missing
FMG> something? BTW, all this joy courtesy of:

I see two usemaps that work but expand out to lists of meaningless
Active Server Page URLs, and a couple of altless image links.  And
looking at the source I see the missing usemaps.  But at least there's
text on the page, even if it's meaningless marketing drivel with no
clear way of getting to product information.  I have to say the Fnord
site was worse.

FMG> <META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual InterDev 1.0">

FMG> Bastards.

No surprise there.  I've seen a massive expansion in the number of
ASP pages out there (I know, call the Department of Redundancy
Department) in the last few months.  I don't like them.  Even when
what they spit out resembles HTML, they break my cacheing strategy and
the principle that a given URL always points to the same document (for
some suitable definition of "same").

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