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Re: lynx-dev tracelog doesn't work in 2.8

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev tracelog doesn't work in 2.8
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 05:33:23 -0400 (EDT)

> > color-styles is just the piece that prevents me from changing the default 
> > parser to tagsoup. 
> Of course!  Thanks, it finally dawned on me what was happening.  Since 
> Klaus was the one who incorporated Rob's styles code, of course he'd hook 
> it up to his own parser. 
I guess so (this was all around a year ago, so I didn't track the details).
So far, I've gotten this far:

        + add a command-line option for specifying tagsoup as the default
          (so I can test initialization w/o the ^V toggle).

        + found 3-4 chunks of code that, when removed, seem to leave the
          existing parser no worse than before, but fix problems that I see
          (mainly in the unstacking) in the color-style implementation under
          tagsoup.  One is color-style specific; the others are places where
          the code relies on the DTD table to speed things up in unstacking.
To do:
        + fix the unstacking problem that's evidenced by the mis-indented
          text in the main help screen with color-style in tagsoup.  (This
          isn't specific to color-style).

        + retest after things look stable enough to issue a patch.

I'm spending most of my time studying traces (so I know it "works" - just
hadn't focused on the ^T issue, since I'd not checked that in 2.7.2).
> I hope you will continue work on getting the user-friendly (Fote's) parser 
> to be the default.  (I do hope, however, you are not dumping Klaus' 
> entirely.)  Big chore, but well worth it. 
I intend to make them equally available (for 2.8.1), but to change the
default to tagsoup, since that seems to be the point of most of the complaints
about parsing problems (barring a bug or so, which is hard to say from this
> > for some time (hadn't noticed that ^T was supposed to work; no one 
> > commented 
> > on it til today - so I'l get to it when I'm not trying to untangle the 
> > parsers) 
> No need.  As Doug explained, it's a compile-time configuration problem. 
> A trace log file IS created for me on SunOS4.1.3, Lynx Version 2.8rel.3. 
> Doug's suggestion (did it go that far?) to make the default TRUE might 
> be acted on.                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
right - I'll check on that.
> Tom, there is a problem being created by ignoring userdefs.h.  Everyone 
> is relying on autoconf these days, without understanding that there are 
> still things that *may* require editing of userdefs.h. 
> For example, I was stung by: " 
> #else   /* Unix */ 
>         /* this is done via the configure script */ 
> " in userdefs.h. 
> The paths to binaries, e.g., unzip, are NOT correctly defined by the 
> configure script if they happen to be in non-standard places.  I would 
> have appreciated a note on how to set non-standard paths to the binaries 
> Lynx uses, rather than tell me userdefs.h no longer supports defining on 
> Unix.  Remember users may have binaries renamed, newer versions than what 
> is in /usr/bin, even more than one version within their own account ~, etc. 
ok (I'll add this to my list).
> __Henry 

Thomas E. Dickey

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