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lynx-dev Re: LYNX IS ELITIST

From: Eldridge Currie
Subject: lynx-dev Re: LYNX IS ELITIST
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 10:06:17 -0700

Subir Grewal wrote:

> We're sorry you feel the distribution was not as well done as it could
> have been.  It would be helpful to us if you could let us know what
> platform you were trying to run Lynx on (Mac, PC with Windows, some sort
> of Unix, VMS, etc.)

Thank you for your informative response, Subir, but I will
not be interested at all in LYNX  until it self installing like
Neetscape and Internet Explorer.

> This isn't an attempt at generating an excuse, but Lynx is generally
> installed on multi-user systems by a system administrator and most of the
> documentation is created with that environment in mind (where one has to
> be careful about the use of resources, security, etc.).

If I had known that, I wouldn't, as an ordinary Internet surfer,
have bothered with LYNX in the first place. I would therefore
suggest that this be made know to potential Internet downloaders.


Eldridge Currie
320-5895 Kincaid St.
Burnaby, BC V5G 4H9

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