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lynx-dev inquiries from blind users (2)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev inquiries from blind users (2)
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 18:47:03 -0400 (EDT)

besides the previous message on this subject,
which should reach lynx-dev at the same time as this one,
i've been looking thro' the help & info files.

one thing which needs changing is the references to lynx-learners,
which now produce a `Forbidden' message & presumably should be deleted:
they are in Speech-Friendly Help
& in Lynx Links under Mailing Lists & User Support;
perhaps Subir & Gregory will need to make the changes.

should we be adding something like the standard message i just sent,
as part of the Help files & somewhere under Lynx Links?

besides "Please omit my name at once!" (LE? AG?),
are there any names/sites i should add to the standard message?
are there any more things to make it easy for speech users
(i already omitted my trademark trolley bus, at great personal expense)?

SUPPORT     ___________//___,  Philip Webb : address@hidden
ELECTRIC   /] [] [] [] [] []|  Centre for Urban & Community Studies
TRANSIT    `-O----------O---'  University of Toronto

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