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lynx-dev Suggestion for Lynx for Windows

From: Eric
Subject: lynx-dev Suggestion for Lynx for Windows
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 09:54:43 +1000

Sorry for my poor english. I am a blind person that live in Hong Kong.  I
found that Lynx for windows is faster than Lynx for DOS.  But when I use
Lynx for Windows to brows webpages, my screen reader ASAP cannot function
properly.  Because Lynx for windows use Number keypad to perform some of
its function, ASAP use keypad for view the screen.  Can you please help me
to solve this problem?  Is there any option to choose not to assign any
function to keypad in Lynx for Windows?  Why Lynx for DOS is slower than
Lynx for Windows?  Can you improve this problem? When Lynx for DOS is
recieving webpages or downloading file, I cannot view the screen with ASAP,
can you solve this problem?

Thank You very much.

My email address at address@hidden


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