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lynx-dev Display Character Set problems

From: Jacob Poon
Subject: lynx-dev Display Character Set problems
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 18:32:24 -0400

When I set my DCS to 'DOSLatinUS (cp437)' under Lynx and try to view
certain Japanese texts (in this case, King of Fighters Japanese text FAQ,
which is a text file BTW), when I viewed the following, it rendered as: 

KK:  U91†U83WU83U83U83U93U83v           
RM:  Dai Janpu
TR:  Big Jump

Where the text after 'KK:' line is 'Dai Janpu' in Japanese.

The problem was, character codes 131 and 145 were rendered as hexadecimal
Unicode numbers, even though the 'DOSLatinUS (cp437)' DCS already defined
charcters with codes 128-159, so it should not subject to the 'C1 control
area' limitations as in iso-8859-x.  In other words, the 'U91' and 'U83'
entries should be rendered according to the chosen DCS (in this case,
'DOSLatinUS (cp437)').

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