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Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want

From: Heather Stern
Subject: Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 02:47:20 -0700 (PDT)

I ate the fortune cookie first, then read what Larry W. Virden, x2487 wrote:
> From: Heather Stern <address@hidden>
> >Lynx is a web browser... as part of what *I* consider minimum function (your
> There's the bottom line.  It's a function that _you_ consider a minimum
> function.  

You really should *read* my messages rather than skim them and then make up
what I think,  I don't consider caching minimum!  I consider its lack 
visibly clogging my bandwidth if I try to use a normal feature!

Lynx' \ to view source or rendered works, for annoying values of "works".
*I* have a workaround... and as near as I can tell, my other two platforms
around the place *don't*.  You want to prove me wrong?  Fine.  Stop whining
about "bloating lynx" and tell me *where* these alleged workarounds are for
Win3x, Win95, DOS, and the Mac.  In the interests of fairness, make sure you
cover VMS;  I don't think they're gonna switch to UNIX for you.  
-=*> I want URLs or I want code in lynx. <*=-

If you can give URLs, I'll probably go back to my corner... though those
who port lynx to OS' I didn't mention will find themselves beating on their
networks a lot.

> The way things get added to lynx is that someone who considers
> it necessary either writes the code, 

I have a nasty learning curve ahead of me for it, after I get a 1.0 release
of my Real World project out the door.  (Plus probably a month plus for the
user's bug reports to roll in...)

With David's comments about CERN, I'm sure he can do a better job than I.
(We'll start at "not break lynx when he patches it".) He isn't convinced... 
because he lives on the perfect system, so he can't reproduce the annoyance 
for himself.  I don't care if it's David who does it, or someone else.

If someone wants to try to aid me over the lump, send me private mail, and 
you and I will reconvene on this in about Release + 2 Months.

> hires someone else to write the code,

I haven't won the lottery yet (though I occasionally buy tickets).  If 
money is the only thing that will convince you to add a feature that isn't
as fun to code as color text (cosmetic!), fine, wait till I win the lottery.  
But maybe someone reading the web archive of the list will do it instead. 

> or convinces someone else to write the code to perform the function, 

That won't happen if I keep my mouth shut.  Sorry I'm such a thorn;  but
are you convinced the misfeature bothers me yet?

> or wait until it gets written.

I tried this since 2-4-2.  Abysmal flop so far.
> So far, I've not seen anyone from this list who has been writing code 
> convinced. That leaves the other 3 options.

So you speak for everyone else on the list now?  And you're telepathic too.
(I don't think so.)  Shame on you.

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