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Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want

From: David Henderson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 20:18:50 -0500 (CDT)

>     * Subject: Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want
>     * From: Jacob Poon <address@hidden>
>     * Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 16:10:42 -0400

>On Mon, 4 May 1998, Philip Webb wrote:
>How about adding a 'urlsrc:' header to store raw version of _any_ URL, not
>just HTTP? For example:
>will have a source version called:

I would prefer "view-source:URL-GOES-HERE", which is compatible with
Netscape.  Wait, don't throw stones yet... I don't want the similarity
just because that's what Netscape uses for its internal system, but
because I've seen sites on the net that actually use
"view-source:http://blahblah/"; URLs that I have to manually cut-n-paste
now to get to the actual URL.  (These are mostly places teaching HTML,
showing examples.)

Issues to consider:

What happens if there's POSTed content, and you have a

Could you view-source: non-HTML files?

Watch out for HEAD (]) requests on view-source:s.

Do view-source:'s go in the history?

When re-\-ing, do you re-fetch or render the view-source:?

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