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lynx-dev lynx bug

From: Max Blanco
Subject: lynx-dev lynx bug
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 15:44:33 -0400


i seem to have found a bug in lynx.  it is deleting the trailing "."
from the domain name when i am trying to use the lucent
personal web assistant proxy at
i have discussed this with one of the sysadmins at lpwa, and he is
satisfied that the bug exists with ylnx, and not with his server.
i am pretty sure he's right.

i can send you copies of our email correspondence re this bug if you
are interested in trying to fix it.
if you want to try for yourself, it occurs when logging into the lpwa
proxy and trying to confirm the name/pass you type into the form.

btw, i am using lynx 2.8


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