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lynx-dev A public Lynx Browser in Europe?

From: Victor Reynolds
Subject: lynx-dev A public Lynx Browser in Europe?
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 09:13:40 +0200 (MET DST)


  Until about 6 weeks ago I used to telenet from my home in Spain to a 
site in Finland < >   where I could enter WWW via lynx
and go to random URLs  and generally have the run of internet. 

I loved it. I could do searches on ALTAVISTA at speeds which surpassed 
those of much, much faster machines which had to grapple with graphics
etc. (I use an ageing 386PC ). 

But suddenly and with no warning it stopped. I tried telnetting
which had  also allowed WWW accesss but  got the same result.

Since then I've had to queue up to use a machine which takes ages to
download unwanted graphics along with the text I'm  interested  in.

Is there anyone out there who can  direct me to a TELNET address for
a lynx browser in Europe so that I can once more enjoy unfetterd access 
to the web? Or could I load Lynx onto my 386PC with 4 Mg RAM and 100Mg

If you can be of any help I would really appreciate it if you would  
Email me at < address@hidden >.



Victor Reynolds <address@hidden>



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