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lynx-dev Lynx colours

From: John Poltorak
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx colours
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 98 10:45:17 +0000

I'm using TERM=ansi-color-3 for my colour definitions in Lynx v2.7.2
for OS/2. I got his particular file from the NCurses package for EMX
(NC-EMX-B.ZIP) and was wondering if this provided any facility for
compiling my own ansi-color-3... 

NCurses contains a file called emx.src which contains the following
lines which I suspect are somehow converted into the files 
ansi-color-2 and ansi-color-3.

# nice colors for Emacs (white on blue, mode line white on cyan)
ansi-color-2|ANSI.SYS color 2,
    smcup=\E[0;37;44m, rmcup=\E[0m,
    smso=\E[1;37;46m, rmso=\E[0;37;44m,
    smul=\E[1;31;40m, rmul=\E[0m,
    sgr0=\E[0;37;44m, use=ansi,
# nice colors for Emacs (white on black, mode line black on cyan)
ansi-color-3|ANSI.SYS color 3,
    smcup=\E[0m, rmcup=\E[0m,
    smso=\E[30;46m, rmso=\E[0m,
    smul=\E[1;31;40m, rmul=\E[0m,
    sgr0=\E[0m, use=ansi,

Any suggestions on how I can do this conversion, or even find out what
all these hieroglyphics mean?


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