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Re: address@hidden: lynx-dev caching after \ (was why reload etc?)]

From: Nelson Henry Eric
Subject: Re: address@hidden: lynx-dev caching after \ (was why reload etc?)]
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 16:44:47 +0900 (JST)

> > so I question if it is _raw_ source as one would get by d)ownloading.
> I think this is the raw source. It is all there - you just can't see it

Thanks, Doug.  And that's good because that means the cache mechanism
has been in Lynx all along.  Seems to me (that doesn't mean much) that
really all Lynx needs is a few more "smarts" in remembering what it
has and what to do with what it has; or did Bela already say that.

> see it I "print" to less and can read the source that is off the screen.

Hmm.  I'm still worried though, because "print" is most certainly

From my uneducated way of looking at what people seem to want, it seems
that Lynx should "download" everything as a binary and write it to either
memory or disk (user decides which).  Once Lynx's got (or, now with the
partial display implementation, getting) something, it can then decide
what to do with it initially and throughout the session, and decide when
to erase it.


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