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lynx-dev [Off-topic] 'Talking books' for the blind

From: Roger Hill
Subject: lynx-dev [Off-topic] 'Talking books' for the blind
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 17:59:38 -0400 (EDT)

Perhaps one of the blind members of the list can help me here.

My father has a friend (in his late 70's) who has recently become
totally blind. He has asked his wife to get him some 'talking books',
and his grandchildren in the UK and USA have both located plenty of
them for him.

I have been asked to verify that the 'talking books' that one would
buy in a bookstore, or rent from a library, make use of 'standard'
audio cassettes, so that one could play the books in a car's tape
player, or on a Walkman,for example.

Or are there 'special' players needed?

A quick answer would be much appreciated.

Thanks, and sorry for the off-topic post.


Roger Hill, McEnearney Alstons (Barbados) Ltd    E-mail:address@hidden
Tel:246-426-5764/230-9596                           Fax:246-426-8626 

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