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lynx-dev lynx2.8.1dev.21

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.1dev.21
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 18:10:55 -0400 (EDT)

1998-08-15 (2.8.1dev.21)
* correct pathname for help file in forms-options screen - TD
* reduce clutter in LYOptions.c with SELECTED, DISABLED, NOTEMPTY macros,
  PutOptValues, GetOptValues functions - TD
* modified LYOptions options to include MBM support from form-based options, by
  making a link href="LYNXOPTIONS://MBM_MENU" like it was in LYPrint.c and
  calling edit_bookmarks() from postoptions() - LP
* add/use HTUserMsg to encapsulate most of the important messages - TD
* add/use HTInfoMsg to encapsulate most of the informational messages - TD
* make most of the alert messages use HTAlert, for consistency - TD
* exclude forms-options pages from history page - LP
* The current keymapping for the DOS Slang ports maps the keys directly to lynx
  actions via keymap.c.  There are several places in the code that test for
  arrow keys, page up or down, home and end for special handling that depend on
  the lynx definition of the keys.  Hence, the keys in the DOS Slang ports were
  failing the tests and not working as expected.  The following patch now maps
  these special keys.  They can no longer be mapped individually via the KEYMAP
  mechanism in lynx.cfg.  Arrows should now work in GOTO fields.  Tested the
  patch against the binaries maade by makefile.dos, makefile.dsl, and
  makefile.wsl - DK
* The wsl port seems to be working well with DISP_PARTIAL, make this the
  default - DK
* correct spelling in lynx.cfg - DK
* modify HText_appendCharacter to wrap long lines when displaying HTML document
  source - TD
* add configure option --enable-cgi-links - TD
* clarify discussion of no_proxy in lynx.cfg (Al Gilman).
* Multilingual bookmarks:  now we store characters >127 in bookmark titles with
  a more consistent and independent way, by keeping in unicode as &#UUUU
  (NCR=numeric character reference).  The idea belongs to Klaus Weide & Andrey
  Chernov (long ago).  It may be useful if we need switching display charset
  frequently.  This is the case when you use lynx on different platforms, e.g.
  on UNIX and from remote PC, but want to keep common bookmarks file valid.
  Compatibility:  NCR as part of I18N and HTML4.0 specifications supported
  starting with Lynx 2.7.2, Netscape 4.0 and MSIE 4.0.  New option to lynx.cfg
  added:  NCR_IN_BOOKMARKS which is FALSE by default.  - LP
* Tweak "print options menu" to exclude choises which are not available under
  the certain conditions (print to the screen and lpansi on DOS/WINDOWS, print
  to e-mail for local_host_only).  - LP
* Forms options menu:  add a link on option_help.html; synchronize
  option_help.html against Lynx_User_guide.html and lynx.cfg.  Rename label
  "raw 8-bit or CJK Mode" with "CJK Mode" for CJK people and "raw 8-bit" for
  others.  Cleanup postoptions() by introducing flags.
* Force HTuncache_current_document if gen_options() invoked.  - LP This is a
  dirty fix until we uncache only when necessary.  - LP
* Add time/date in addition to X-URL and BASE (PrependBaseToSource), (request
  by Hans-Joachim Gurt <address@hidden>) - LP
* Turn partial_display off if we are not interactive (reported by Ari Moisio
  <address@hidden>) - LP
* more fixes/refinements for auto-configuring socks5 on AIX (report by Brian
  Hauber) - TD

Thomas E. Dickey

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