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Re: lynx-dev how can one identify what options are compiled into a binar

From: Larry W. Virden
Subject: Re: lynx-dev how can one identify what options are compiled into a binary?
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 05:50:14 -0400

From: address@hidden

> On Sat, 22 Aug 1998, Larry W. Virden wrote:
> >If folk would like to brainstorm on how something like this could be
> >implemented, I suspect that a C programmer might turn up to implement it...
> Are the options various environment variables?  If so, then there could be
>  a new option whose code was simply something like:

Well, actually, there are so many ways that options can be specified I
suspect that the most useful report will need to actually report what
is being used during a particular run - perhaps as a part of the -trace

Currently lynx gets info from at least the following:

1. defaults in the code
2. userdefs.h
3. configuration time flags
4. site lynx.cfg
5. user's lynx.cfg
6. user's .lynxrc
7. environment variables
8. run time setting via options form menu
9. command line

Other info of use to report would be

Operating System and hardware versions
Compiler version
library versions

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