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lynx-dev Re: [2.8.1dev22] patch0.2: Internal HTML pages; rewrite

From: Sinan Kaan Yerli
Subject: lynx-dev Re: [2.8.1dev22] patch0.2: Internal HTML pages; rewrite
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 00:32:00 +0100

Patch is ready. As usual it is applied to 2.8.1dev.22.

It also includes my earlier patch (plus some corrections) to create a
file containing site specific options for Lynx which will be used in
Info Page (install-log). This is a cleaned version of 'config.cache'.

Since _all_ help files are changed (i.e lynx-dev e-mail address is marked)
I tar-gziped lynx_help directory and put it in
Our server is a bit funny you can not get '/' directory listing so you
have to type all of it. It will stay there until next release.

It also includes Al's updates.


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