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Re: lynx-dev persistent cookies

From: Larry W. Virden
Subject: Re: lynx-dev persistent cookies
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 05:14:54 -0400

I did find a peculiar cookie problem last nite, though I haven't figured
out if it's the site or lynx.

Back to (myc) again.  Returning to myc after some hours,
I attempted to log in.  I suspect the cookies had expired.  myc kept
returning me to the login screen, but gave me no indication of the problem.
Finally, I left lynx, removed the cookies, and then told myc to log me in
as a new user.  That worked.

This seems to me to indicate we need a 'spring clearning' option in lynx,
where the user can indicate they need to toss out all the moldy cookies from
a certain domain, or toss them all out.  A warning before tossing all out
should be available for the novice, reminding them that tossing all their
cookies may be disgusting to the sites using cookies as passwords, shopping
carts, etc.

Yes, I know that coding should begin now.  I'm brain-storming here.  Once
the ideas stop, someone interested enough to code can code it.  I've got
some medium range commitments right now (over next two weeks) that
prevent me from getting into anything other than one or two liner code
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