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Re: about lynx-dev-contrib

From: Greg Marr
Subject: Re: about lynx-dev-contrib
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 08:55:45 -0400

At 10:02 PM 10/1/98 , you wrote:
>> Has anyone used Microsoft's Visual C?  (The school has promised to 
>> supply it for Windows98, although they haven't come through yet.) 
>I have a copy of Visual C++ 5.0 - did a test build a couple of weeks
>ago and judged that I should wait for 2.8.2 to use that (it'll take some
>work to make Lynx function reliably - it's not simply a matter of
>compiling it...)
>(or if someone's done the work, I'll be just as happy).

I started working on it yesterday.  I'll let you know if I get anywhere.

Greg Marr
"We thought you were dead." 
"I was, but I'm better now." - Sheridan, "The Summoning"

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