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lynx-dev lynx: generates too many processes?

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev lynx: generates too many processes?
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 08:13:34 -0700 (PDT)

Here is the Lynx I am using:

             Information about the current document

                         Lynx 2.8.1pre.5 (30 Sep 1998) ([1]development version) 
- [2]compile time settings

It got so I couldn't send mail, run man, or
anything -- except ps (and logout!).

Here is a ps:

{netcom19:313} ^C
{netcom19:313} ps
11800 pf S     0:00 -csh (csh)
11839 pf TW    0:04 /u13/wcheung/bin/lynxtest -useragent=Mozilla/4.02 -vikeys 
-cache=60 lynx_bookmarks.html
11901 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
12007 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
12015 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
12060 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
12110 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
12142 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
12190 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
12430 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
12540 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
12617 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
13011 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
13054 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
13067 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
13159 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
13531 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
13641 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
13718 pf Z     0:00 <defunct>
14000 pf R     0:00 ps

The ONLY program I had yet run is (a) lynx and 
also vi and fmt and mail.  THAT'S IT!


Other problems, similar, recently:
  "Can't fork, blah blah..."


I learned quickly to quickly run trn, lynx,
etc, and put them in background, because
"fg" DID work ok.  Never knew whether it
was new version of trn or lynx -- well, today
I hadn't yet run trn.  Must be lynx.

Any comments, ideas, whatever?


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