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lynx-dev Probem while building SOCKSify lynx 2.7/8

From: Terminator
Subject: lynx-dev Probem while building SOCKSify lynx 2.7/8
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 10:20:33 +0800

  I don't know if this problem was posted. If it was, I'm sorry.
  I met a problem when I tried to build a SOCKSify lynx 2.7/8 on Slackware
Linux 3.4/5 (kernel 2.0.35). Every time when linking, it told me that there
are some unresolved references, such as Rbind, Rselect, Rconnect, Raccept in
HTFTP.c, HTTCP.c and LYUtils.c. However if I build an lynx without SOCKS
support, it's ok. I wonder if you can give me some advices?
  BTW, I installed Socks5 proxy server in both my Linux box and a Solaris
box, which acts as a proxy to the Internet. And I don't know if the word
'SOCKSify' means exactly the SOCKS4/5 protocol support?


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