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my tvgen problem: good news and bad news

From: Rick Lewis
Subject: my tvgen problem: good news and bad news
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 14:20:08 -0700 (MST)

Hi, Laura, 
Thanks for pre.6, it's up and running. 
It does register me now, but it's still flakey. 
First, I go to: 
(which is in my bookmark file). Then, I choose link number 2 for the 
listings. That's where you go to register, or to input your userid and 
You can use these to test if you want. My userid is ricklew and my 
password is 3234606 
It'll let me in now. That's the good news. I can look at the listings. 
But ''' searches don't work, and either they bollix up the works, or 
something else does. 
Because now that I've accessed the info once, I can't access it again! 
First of all, if you get in, and try to use link 5 for searching, you'll 
get: "unexpected network read error; connection aborting." 
And now, on subsequent occasions, I can get to 
but can't link further to number 2, which is 
I just get a blank screen there in future sessions (or when hitting u to 
go up a link in the first session.) 
It seems to work fine if I delete that domain's cookies every time, 
but doesn't that kind-of defeat the purpose? 

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