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Re: lynx-dev options unification

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev options unification
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 05:35:09 -0400 (EDT)

981006 several people discussed unifying options etc: 
> Currently, options can be set in many different venues:
> in the source; with command-line flags; in a lynx.cfg file;
> in a .lynxrc; interactively from one of the two options menus.
> What a mess! -- That's for sure!  And confusing, to say the least.

heartily agreed!  it's high time we tackled this job as a 2-8-2 priority.
> Would it be possible to do away completely with lynx.cfg?
> Keep the mechanism in the code only for backward compatibility

at some point, we have to bite the bullet on some backward compatibilities
which are too much trouble to preserve & help very few people,
but that's a side-issue for this discussion.
for practical use today, we need  2  levels of options:

(1) things all users should be able to change,
    which should appear in the Options Form
    & be stored in a single  cfg/rc  file;

(2) security concerns, which would freeze out many options
    & can probably be gathered under a single switch  -anonymous ,
    which a sysadmin can set if s/he has anonymous users.

there may also be (3) non-security features a sysadmin might like to set,
especially  -blind , when we have decided which features to group there;
users would not, however, be prohibited from changing these via (1).
we might have  -smallimage , if we can decide how to do that,
which might restrict user choices in some ways.

can we make (2 3) configure switches, dropping  userdefs.h ,
or do we have to separate these  2  levels?

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