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Re: lynx-dev rc save bug

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev rc save bug
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 10:39:21 -0400 (EDT)

981007 Bela Lubkin wrote: 
> Philip Webb wrote:
>> it takes  15 min  to configure & make each version: i'ld rather avoid it.
> Your choice -- you're the one having the problem,
> you get to decide how much effort you want to put towards resolving it.

like i said, i'ld rather avoid it.
it is a bug in Lynx, so it's not just my concern, surely.
>> BTW what does  /tmp/foo  do?  foo  isn't a real file, surely?
> I created an empty file, /tmp/foo, then used Lynx on it.
> that made a handy marker in the system call trace --
> I could see when Lynx called open("/tmp/foo").
> Using an empty file minimized the spurious system calls in the trace

thanx: seems a good idea when explained: will follow.
> You got strace to compile -- try it.
> Start by running it with no options, it should give a usage message.
> It should have a "-o" flag, so  strace -o lynx.trace lynx /tmp/foo
will try that out.

what i've been doing is finding the CHANGES related to Options Form:
maybe this will jog memories (there are  36  changes):

1998-09-30 (2.8.1pre.5)
* customize incremental rendering:
  - add -partial_thres[=NUMBER] option to set the number of lines
  - add PARTIAL_THRES config variable in lynx.cfg to set the number of lines
  - add partial_thres variable in .lynxrc to set the number of lines.
    Selecting save to disk and hitting Accept Changes in options menu will save
    this variable to the current value.  Haven't looked into making a form
    entry for this yet.  With -partial_thres command line option, probably not
    necessary (patch by Eric <address@hidden>).
* workaround for inconsistency between slang ports to DOS and other platforms
  by suppressing test of SLtt_Use_Ansi_Colors.  This fixes a problem where
  colors change in the slang DOS port when the forms_based option menu is
  accepted - DK
1998-09-27 (2.8.1pre.3)
* forms-options: options names moved 2 columns to the right (is it good?) - LP
1998-09-20 (2.8.1dev.29)
* add checks/warnings for user agent string in forms-options menu - TD
* change behavior of configure --enable-forms-options switch.  By default, both
  old and new options menu are available via a command-line toggle
  "-forms_options" or lynx.cfg statement "FORMS_OPTIONS:TRUE/FALSE".  Configure
  --enable-forms-options now _disables_ old-style code, which is
  ifdef'ed with "#ifndef EXP_FORMS_OPTIONS" - LP
1998-09-12 (2.8.1dev.26)
* forms-options menu: fixed screen size in Novice mode - LP
* improved algorithm to set 'secure_value', used in forms-options to circumvent
  spoofing (based on comments from Mike Castle) - TD
1998-09-06 (2.8.1dev.25)
* implement logic for exec-links in forms-options page - TD
* add configure options --enable-exec-links and --enable-exec-scripts - TD
* correct logic for show-color in forms-options page (reported by DK) - TD.
* implement logic to set $DISPLAY in forms-options page - TD
* chartrans:  human-readable character set names in Options Menu now changed
  according to Netscape 4.x style - "language (MIMEname)", it looks more useful
  and reduce chaos in people's heads.  Documentation corrected
  (option_help.html/Lynx_User_guide.html).  Minor tip:  "Central and Eastern
  European" was truncated to "Eastern European" because of space limitation in
  popup menu.  (Changes in chrtrans/*.tbl, LYCharSets.c, also docs including
  userdefs.h/lynx.cfg).  Since names were changed, users on display other than
  iso-8859-1 should go to options menu and resave .lynxrc (and probably correct
  lynx.cfg - character_set now uses MIME notation in sync with other charset
  settings, although complete name string is still acceptable for this field).
  - LP
* sorted all option items (ie static variables, postoptions(), gen_options())
  according to the sections they are in - SKY
* added '+'->' ' conversion for forms-options values - SKY
* centered 'save to disk' and put a dash between 'accept' and 'reset' for
  clarity - SKY
* add "cookie_file=" option to .lynxrc - BJP
* add cookies switch to options menu - LP
* Security considerations and form-based options:  items restricted in
  gen_options() should be ALSO restricted under the same conditions in
  postoptions() to prevent a limited access user to edit option's HTML code
  manually and submit a restricted items.  This may be not a good idea to have
  two functions in sync but those functions are synchronized anyway.  Please
  read comments inside the functions if change something!  - LP
1998-08-29 (2.8.1dev.23)
* use LYCloseTempFP in forms-options code and LYPrint.c where file was opened
  with LYOpenTemp, to fix a core dump - TD
* New Form-based options page is re-organized; logical sections are introduced
  and sorted alphabetically (except for 'User Mode') - SKY
* add verbose_images to old-style options menu, and the .lynxrc - LE
* add verbose_images and useragent to forms-based options menu - LP
* reduce clutter in mainloop by inserting LYpop() in postoptions() - LP
* Add -debug_partial command line switch so we got MessageSecs dely
  between incremental rendering stages if partial display mode is ON.
  (MessageSecs available from lynx.cfg and set to 2 sec by default).
  The problem in incremental rendering of forms input was reported by SKY
  (Sinan Kaan Yerli) <address@hidden> ), still not fixed
  but now we may enter form-based options menu in -debug_partial mode
  and rerender the page with Cntrl-R to see what is happening in fact. - LP
1998-08-21 (2.8.1dev.22)
* correct ifdef:  LYOptions.c fails to build with -DEXP_FORMS_OPTIONS but
  _without_ -DDIRED_SUPPORT (e.g.  djgpp) - LP
1998-08-15 (2.8.1dev.21)
* correct pathname for help file in forms-options screen - TD
* reduce clutter in LYOptions.c with SELECTED, DISABLED, NOTEMPTY macros,
  PutOptValues, GetOptValues functions - TD
* modified LYOptions to include MBM support from form-based options,
  by making a link href="LYNXOPTIONS://MBM_MENU" like it was in LYPrint.c and
  calling edit_bookmarks() from postoptions() - LP
* exclude forms-options pages from Visited Links page - LP
* Forms options menu:  add a link on option_help.html; synchronize
  option_help.html against Lynx_User_guide.html and lynx.cfg.  Rename label
  "raw 8-bit or CJK Mode" with "CJK Mode" for CJK people and "raw 8-bit" for
  others.  Cleanup postoptions() by introducing flags. - LP
* Force HTuncache_current_document if gen_options() invoked. This is a
  dirty fix until we uncache previous document only when necessary.  - LP
1998-08-06 (2.8.1dev.20)
* correct typo in LYOptions.c - BL
* correct typos, fix character set problems in recent changes of LYOptions.c
  - LP
* ifdef'd LYOptions.c to reduce unneeded code wrt --enable-forms-options - TD
1998-07-31 (2.8.1dev.19)
* add experimental forms-based options screen (patch by Mike Castle), ifdef'd
  with EXP_FORMS_OPTIONS and configured with --enable-forms-options.
1998-05-10 (2.8.1dev.10)
* fix to improve reloading if user changed assume_charset in options menu
  using ^A, which sometimes did not work - LP

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ELECTRIC   /] [] [] [] [] []|  Centre for Urban & Community Studies
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