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Re: lynx-dev rc save bug

From: dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev rc save bug
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 18:01:35 -0400 (EDT)

> 981007 Thomas Dickey wrote:  
> > a link set up as described should be from a directory 
> > that isn't world writable. 
> > afaik, there's no reliable way to determine if that directory is owned 
> > by a privileged user: even '0' for root's is not universal 
> > in the quasi-Unix clones, but I decided to neglect those: they're very 
> > rare. 
> > But, like Bela, I'm curious who owns the directory where the link is 
> > (sounds like "/" - which should be owned by root - 
> > the convention afaik is to have root own all of the nonvolatile stuff, 
> > and privileged "users" such as "bin" and "news" own facilities). 
> users' directories are kept on a number of disk units, 
> whose physical names are replaced by symbolic links 
> --  /homes/purslow/  =  /homefs/u0/purslow/  -- ; 
> anything found under either must belong to the user  purslow : 
> why on earth would anyone want to write a Lynx function 
> which interpreted it in any other way? 

no - we are misunderstanding each other.  I understood your report to
say that (for example - there's details missing), at the "/", or in "/homes"
there is a symbolic link
        homes -> /homefs/u0
or in /homefs/u0
        purslow -> (something).

If "/" is world-writable (not so, but it's not owned by root, I guess)
then someone could modify the link to point elsewhere.

(If my understanding is not correct, I'd like to find out, so we can focus
on what the problem is).
Thomas E. Dickey

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