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lynx-dev lynx2.8.1pre.9

From: dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.1pre.9
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 17:03:59 -0400 (EDT)

Remaining problems that I remember:

        + cookie problem with tvgen

        + some disagreement about the pathname for lynx.cfg when referenced
          from the info-page.

1998-10-10 (2.8.1pre.9)
* add verbose_links variable to lynx.cfg and userdefs.h to control whether Lynx
  should show "(LINK)" before links (request/patch by Moshe Zadka
  <address@hidden>) - TD
* change defaults in lynx.cfg and userdefs.h, add comments - PW
  (a) defaults are stated for `verbose' & `KB';
  (b) GOTOBUFFER & JUMPBUFFER defaults to TRUE; 
  (c) QUIT_DEFAULT_YES defaults to FALSE 
* restore suggested file name in download menu:  it is really useful for other
  download methods which should be available in menu when `save to disk' is
  disabled.  Remove local_path/ prefix (LYNX_SAVE_SPACE if any) from visible
  suggested file name string near the top instead - LP
* restore newline position when toggling comments parsing (at least we could
  return to previous screen to try comments toggling twice) - LP
* add a link from keystrokes help for edit_help.html (input line keys) - LP 
* corrected to make -nostatus command-line option override HTReadProgress - TD
* updates to lynx-dev.html (Al Gilman).
* modify NSL-fork support in HTTCP.c to use waitpid call to reap child processes
  which may otherwise become orphaned.  The new variable "dns_patience"
  represents how many seconds we're willing to wait for DNS to respond (should
  later make it configurable) - BL
* modify PutTextInput and PutDefs macros in LYOptions.c and LYShowInfo.c to
  avoid pre-ANSI compilers attempting to substitute macro parameters in
  coincidental matches within quoted strings - BL
  gcc -Wtraditional reports the first, but not the second, which is "n"
  substituted into "\n" - TD
* add an error-check for fg/bg values to lynx_chg_color function in case 
  specifies color names not in Lynx's table - BL
* modify IsOurFile function to accommodate links-to-links, so that users whose
  home directory is reached by that type of path can save .lynxrc file
  (reported by PW) - TD

Thomas E. Dickey

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