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Re: lynx-dev Proposed patch (DOS related)

From: Nelson Henry Eric
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Proposed patch (DOS related)
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 11:12:37 +0900 (JST)

> LYNX_CFG_FILE is one that defined by autoconf or userdefs.h (if you do not
> use autocunf). The code Doug was objecting at work as following:
> if you was compiled with autoconf it use symbol LYNX_CFG_FILE
> as a path for "complete" lynx.cfg file for info page...
> "Complete" means the comments does not removed.
> You do _not_ need any lynx.cfg in lynx_help/ is you compile with autoconf.
> And lynx_cfg_file - one that defined on statup via environment or -cfg= 
> switch.
> This file usually in home dir and its contents may vary dramatically
> in general case.

First, although I am not changing the subject thread, I have no singular
objection to any particular patch.  What I do object to is to autoconf
trying to force an 83Kb file on me without telling me.  Autoconf, if I
allowed it to do so, but which I don't because I don't have that luxury on
all machines on my system, would install the complete, comments and all,
distribution lynx.cfg in /usr/local/lib.

Again, to try to make my point understood, what I do is copy a very small
(less than 1 Kb), minimal lynx.cfg into the distribution breakout BEFORE
running autoconf.  The reason I do this is because I DO NOT WANT that
huge lynx.cfg on every machine I compile Lynx on.  All my machines, some
of which run on 80MB of hard disk, are attached to a LAN.  It makes sense
to me to have ALL documents and help files on ONE CENTRAL http server.

> > complete distribution lynx.cfg on my http server, when I go to the `='Info
> > page, then [2]compile time settings, then [1]your lynx.cfg, then
> > distribution's [1]lynx.cfg, I display a file that is 662/83884th the
> > size of the distribution one.  This happens because I switch a minimal
> > lynx.cfg for the distribution one before running ./configure.
> >> > annotated lynx.cfg, it could be set to point to 
> >> > "
> >> > current/lynx2-8-1/lynx.cfg", much as the default help points to "http://

Does the above make this clear?  If not I'll try again.  The point is *not*
that I "do _not_ need any lynx.cfg in lynx_help/", the point is that I do NOT
*WANT* it period.  Also, I want autoconf to stop trying to put it somewhere.
I want a URL, plain and simple (and 0Kb).

> Tom, please add this patch for those on UNIX
> who builds without autoconf if any.

By not "bending" autoconf, i.e., making it more flexible, you force people to
shy away from it.  I love autoconf, and I hate having to trick it all the time.


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