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Re: lynx-dev having problems with forms-based options

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: Re: lynx-dev having problems with forms-based options
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 14:52:59 -0700

Nelson Henry Eric wrote:

> Now that I've actually gotten into using the new forms-based options,
> there are some problems I've run up against.
> 1) If, for example, I only change the first entry "cookies" from say
> "ask user" to "accept all", and then hit the "Accept Changes" button,
> a field I haven't even touched, "CJK mode", changes from "ON" to "OFF",
> so that when I am returned to the page I was viewing, it's all messed
> up (Japanese page).
> 2) I can't seem to get "Assumed document character set" to change.  It
> always returns to "iso-8859-1", and I can't seem to get "euc-jp".

When does it return to "iso-8859-1"?  Do you mean it changes as soon as
you select from the "Assumed document character set" popup menu?  Or,
are you able to change it there, "Accept Changes", but when you return
to the menu the setting has reverted?

I suspect #1 might be a symptom of #2: whenever Lynx thinks you've
changed some of the character set stuff, it tends to do an accompanying
change to the raw 8-bit mode setting (the CJK setting by another name).

It is somewhat helpful to turn trace on for this sort of debugging.
Specifically: go into the options form, make any changes you want to
make, move to the "Accept" button.  Then hit ^T (turn on trace), Return
(activate the button), ^T again (turn off trace).  ~/Lynx.trace is

Make one such trace for entering and accepting changes without actually
changing anything; another for entering, making the desired changes, and
accepting.  Post them here.  Note: the trace output is full of a lot of
alarming-looking entries like ``SubmitForm: field "cookies" 8 euc-jp
OK'' -- alarming because it looks like it's got the values of all fields
as the char set.  These are actually commentary about the character set
of the form submission URL ("is the value we're trying to submit for the
`cookies' field valid in the euc-jp charset?  OK").

In fact, the only actually *useful* info in the trace log is one line,
the one that starts "GridText - post_data: secure=...".  If you extract
and post only those, you'll save everyone a lot of distraction.

> I'm using Lynx 2.8.1pre.8.

I tried with pre.8 and pre.10 and could not duplicate either problem.
But, as I said, I suspect there is only one bug, which directly causes
#2 and then that indirectly causes #1.


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