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def7_uni.h (Was: Re: lynx-dev pre.10 : -post_data, nls-fork, various)

From: Jan Hlavacek
Subject: def7_uni.h (Was: Re: lynx-dev pre.10 : -post_data, nls-fork, various)
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 02:47:08 -0400

On Wed, Oct 14, 1998 at 06:08:56PM +0200, Serge MUNHOVEN wrote:
> - Broken def7_uni.h : thanks to Leonid Pauzner, Thomas E. Dickey and
> Michael Warner for their replies. I seem to be the only one affected and did
> not yet find the true reason for this problem. My system is the same as
> Michael's and has been reinstalled from scratch a few months ago. The problem
> still appears in pre9 (no surprise) and also on another system 4.0c. Under
> some mysterious circumstances
>         printf("%3d", unicount[i]);
> is not executed, that's all I can say for now. I hacked around it, but as I
> said, I did not find the real answer.

I am having problems with def7_uni.h,  too.  My system is SunOS 5.6.
The behavior I am experiencing is rather puzzling.  When I run 
makeuctb def7_uni.tbl
with stdout going to the terminal,  I get the complete def7_uni.h
displayed.  If I redirect the output to a file,  it gets terminmated in
the middle.  This happens under different shells (zsh, sh, bash, tcsh),
the file gets always truncated on the same place:
        {0xfb05,"St"}, {0xfb06,"st"}, {0xfe7d,"3+;"}, {0xfe82,"aM."},
I finally managed to create def7_uni.h by running makeuctb under
`script',  editing the typescript file manually,  and renaming it.
So far it seems to be working fine.

Jan Hlav\'{a}\v{c}ek
address@hidden  (Blind Carbon Copies will bounce)

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