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RE: lynx-dev crypto help

From: Mikolajczak, Leonard J
Subject: RE: lynx-dev crypto help
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 09:47:46 -0400

Thanks for this info. ; it is invaluable for my purposes.  Also, could
confirm one thing for me?!   Is Lynx a text ONLY browser?....the Lynx
documentation found on the web claims "Lynx is a full-featured browser,
there is almost no content on the web that Lynx cannot retrieve and display,
either by itself or by calling on other software designed for the purpose."

Please confirm.

Thanks very much,


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> Subject:      Re: lynx-dev crypto help
> 981012 Leonard Mikolajczak wrote: 
> > My company is having a concern regarding encryption in all software
> products
> > running on company laptops and being transported to certain countries.
> > Apparently, there is a concern over our personnel traveling to foreign
> > countries who have a ban on encrypted software.  Therefore, we are
> looking
> > for a product or to develop a product which does not contain or rely
> > in any way on encryption.  
> > Does Lynx browser contain any encryption software components at all?
> ordinary Lynx does not contain encryption software
> nor could it contain current e.s. for copyright & US-export reasons.
> it is possible to obtain a version of Lynx which contains hooks
> which allow e.s. to be compiled into it, but that's a special version.
> you can obtain an encryption-free Lynx from .
> NB this is a polite answer to your question:
> it is not legal advice & carries no warranty of any kind.
> use of any version of Lynx is ENTIRELY at your own risk.
> for details, see the file  COPYING  in the distribution package.
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