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lynx-dev bug report (link or not to link)

From: Sergey Markelov
Subject: lynx-dev bug report (link or not to link)
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 17:27:22 +0300 (MSK)

        OS = Linux on Intel
        version = 2.8 rel.2 
        URL =
        Problem: I have tried to have a look at specifications on P810
Viewsonic monitor. On the first page of their website you can choice what
product you are interested in. In other browsers you either go directly to
this page after choosing (Netscape), or need to press a button that is on
right side (Opera, Ariadna). In lynx I was unable to press this button. I
asked my sysadmin, he solved the local problem, but not in general (he
advised me to go to altavista advanced search and type "
and p810 and specifications", and after go directly to the p810 page on (actually,
        There it is a near problem, the site is in Russian, but you can
get what is the problem even without understanding the text: it is a site
with Russian economics news, on the first page there is a list of news
(near each news it is written a time when it has come - for you to
understand, what is news, and what is not news there without translating). 
In Netscape you are able to click on any news string to get more about
this.  Lynx do not think it is a link. For example, on news beginning with
13:09 it is (in Netscape) a link on

but in lynx I am unable to follow this link.

        If you will try this the next day I am writing this message, you
will need to go to old news at URL

                                Best Regards!
                        Sergey Markelov <address@hidden>

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