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Re: lynx-dev coredump

From: dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev coredump
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 09:39:40 -0400 (EDT)

> >> Also I got several coredumps recently from pre10 (NSL-FORK on Linux) 
> >> so I want to know whether it is fixed or not. 
> > I've seen 2-3 separate reports of core dumps over the past month which I 
> > cannot reproduce.  There were 3-4 which gave me enough clues to add some 
> > checks (e.g., for null pointers), and I've put in fixes for those.  But I 
> > cannot say how many more there are (the rate of reporting is all that I 
> > have to go on). 
> I cannot reproduce my coredumps and have no idea where it come from, 
> it accidentely happens when I try to follow a link by pressing Enter. 
> Something like this I saw near dev.16-dev.18 (disappear one day, 
> but now come again). What should I do to prepare a debug info for you? 
> I got exit with signal 11 on Linux. 

well - if I were seeing coredumps in something, I'd build a debug-version
(compile with -g) so that I could see the symbols in the core file better.
That's a start.  (If it is my own machine, I'd link with ElectricFence,
or at work, with Purify, so that I can get a precise location of the 
problem - but both have limitations, and you can't generally run those
on your ISP).  Then I'd simply run with the debug version until the problem
came back (if you're running the same optimization level, etc., it probably

Then - in addition to a walkback (giving line numbers and parameter values),
look at the values of local symbols to try to pinpoint _why_ the program
broke.  (If it's a null-pointer, or a trashed value, for instance).

A walkback from an executable that's in assembler-format is sometimes
useful, but I've not learned how to match the arguments shown by adb
properly against the C code.

> Apperently, I got a last coredump when was printing your message to e-mail. 
> I receive the message OK but its subject happens to be from Print menu!!! 
> This may be a starting point for investigations... 
> > Subject: Printing Options 
> > X-URL: 
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Thomas E. Dickey

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