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lynx-dev Real Plauyer support and devloping my own copy of Lynx

From: Jessica Arnold
Subject: lynx-dev Real Plauyer support and devloping my own copy of Lynx
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 03:04:31 -0800

I have tried to make the subject more to my point.
I thank you for explaining to me why certain stuff could or couldn't be
I guess I should try from the beggining.
Where do I get a zipped file of all of lynx's files?
How do I unzip them. Last time I unziped them I used pkunzip and it says
after la while that a file already exists. I overwrite all of them.
Is this correct to do, or should I be using a specific unzip program. If
so, what is the link.
That is my firsitii step by step question.
Second, I already have a version of lynx on my computer but it doesnot
support SSl, but that  isn't my question right now.
Has anyone got lynx 2.8.1 running with Real Player g+2 beta.
If so how?
I want to apologize publicly to the list owner.
Internet Mail doesn't bring up the address you are replying too, just the
name so sometimes I don't know if it is going to the list or just one
I know he didn't mention it online so if he wants he can cut it out of the
Another thing I did not compile the version of Lynx I have now.
I believe it was compiledby someone on this list.
Just so everyone doesn't think because I have aversion of Lynx that means I
know how to compile it.
Thank you all again for your past expanations and hopefully I will get some
more answers in the future.

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