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Re: lynx-dev I would like to make my own copy of lynx

From: David Woolley
Subject: Re: lynx-dev I would like to make my own copy of lynx
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 08:39:07 +0000 (GMT)

> Either would someone privately lead me through the steps or someone file
> attach a version oflynx with SSL support.

Unfortunately, unlike Unix (many but not all brands) and systems like Linux
the Windows philosophy is that one buys pre-compiled software.  Moreover,
because there isn't a bundled compiler, there is competion for compilers,
although these days it is probably between several, mutually incompatible,
Microsoft ones and one freeware (GPLed) one.

This means that you can't just type:

zcat distribution.tar.gz | tar xvf -
cd source-distribution
make install

which is all you need for many Unix freeware packages these days, and,
I assume for the autoconf versions of Lynx.

Adding SSL will complicate things a bit, but could still be described
as a simple procedure.  (You will need software from at least four sources:
Lynx proper, the patches, SSLeay and RSAREF - non US users don't need 

For Win32, you need to establish the compilers under which Lynx can be built
and buy or obtain them (depending whether it builds on the freeware one)
and install them.  With the exception of the freeware one, all are intended
to be used in GUI mode, although it may be possible to run them in a 
command line mode.

Moreover, a lot fewer people will compile Lynx on Win32, so the number
of people who could give you a procedure is rather limited.

As already explained, copyright prevents the supply of a pre-built version
even to a confirmed US citizen.  The issue is that the USA (I know of
no other country) permits patents on software, but the people who drew up
the licence under which Lynx is distributed object to them.  Therefore
they added a clause which said that, if you cannot distribute royalty
free to everyone, you cannot distribute the software at all.

Assuming that you are only using Lynx for academic, domestic, or
recreational purposes (please check the RSA licence before relying on
this list of royalty waivers), it could be given royalty free to you, but
it couldn't be given royalty free to someone who uses it as part of
their business, so it becomes totally unredistributable.

Under some circumstances (probably requiring control of all the
copyrights) it is possible to issue GPLed software with a condition that
it may not be distributed in or to the USA (or other named countries).
This allows software with patent restrictions to be GPLed, but doesn't
help you, as you would have to be excluded from the people to which it
could be distributed.  (The position with respect to applying this rule
to modified code, when parts are not restricted, is confused, which is
why I commented that there may be loopholes for non US residents.)

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