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lynx-dev lynx wierdness

From: Duncan
Subject: lynx-dev lynx wierdness
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 17:24:33 -0800

under lynx version 2.8rel2 (from debian distribution site)
i find some pages impossible to read.  the text set apart
as bold with the < b > tag is rendered as black on black.
an example of this can be found at

same goes for text set off as < i > italicized < /i >.  see

under that version as well as under version 2.6 (slackware)
i find that < dl > dictionary listings aren't handled properly.
most of the content is simply not rendered.  an example of 
this can be found at

version 2.3beta handles both of these situations nicely,
but is particularly unkind to tables, frames, tags nested
inside comments, etc.

hope this helps,

duncan  ( address@hidden )

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