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Re: lynx-dev Documentation patch for 2-8-1

From: dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Documentation patch for 2-8-1
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 09:23:03 -0500 (EST)

> 981028 Thomas Dickey wrote:  
> > 981028 Philip Webb wrote: 
> >> can we expand this slightly to make clear that it's not MERELY bug fixes,  
> >> which is what a lot of people out there might expect for 2-8 -> 2-8-1 ?  
> >>   
> >>   Lynx Version 2.8.1 is the latest official release, which adds several  
> >>   useful features, including partial display and persistent cookies,  
> >>   and bug fixes through 1998-10-24.  See the CHANGES file for a complete  
> >>   record of all changes in this release.  New releases are announced  
> >>   on the lynx-dev mailing list (see below).  
> >>  
> > For new/improved features, we can move on to 2.8.2 development... 
> i appreciate in your vital role as co-ordinator you are thinking in terms 
> of proper sequencing & completing one phase before beginning the next, 
> but your brief remark here doesn't really make sense. 
> my slight revision is not intended as any criticism of DK, 
> but i believe it is an improvement & the principal new features in 2-8-1 
> should be mentioned in this paragraph: if there are no objections, 
> can we see it amended in the next version, be it 2-8-1rel.3 or 2-8-2dev.1 ? 
repeating - this was what I said first (yes, we can change the "official"
to whatever):

        I guess I didn't get enough sleep before reading that -- it's from 2.8,
        which in turn was a revised version of the notice in 2.7.2 (the quotes
        are unnecessary, but I suppose Fote felt the need to qualify it, and I
        didn't think about it in this context).
(it's on my list)

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Thomas E. Dickey

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