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Re: lynx-dev [lynx2.8.1rel.2] lineedit bug fix (and enhancement)

From: Kim DeVaughn
Subject: Re: lynx-dev [lynx2.8.1rel.2] lineedit bug fix (and enhancement)
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 16:05:30 -0800

On Fri, Oct 30, 1998, Dick Wesseling (address@hidden) said:
| address@hidden said:
| >
| > In the process, I found what seems to be a bug in the ^R (LYE_DELN)
| > function, which is described as "delete next character", but was in
| > fact performing identically to ^D (LYE_DELC) "delete current
| > character".

| When I made this description I had an image of a graphical I beam
| cursor in mind, a cursor which is never ON a character, but always
| BETWEEN two characters. Hence the names LYE_DELP and LYE_DELN.
| The third character delete function - LYE_DELC - was added later by
| Fote. Since you're new to the list and I'm not sure whether the archive
| goes back to sep 27 1995 I'll quote part of his message here:

| Anyway, DELP and DELN do what I want them to do and if you are going to
| change their behaviour then you're breaking my keybinding and probably
| other people's bindings also.

Sorry.  I certainly don't want to do that.  I was just making the code
conform to the "documentation" ... always a bad idea (but doing the reverse
made even less sense since two of the three functions resulted in the same

I understand what happened now.  Thanks for the history lesson.

| It is better to just add a new lineedit opcode LYE_DELCND (delete
| character next door, cannot be misunderstood) and to add that to the
| EditBinding table  than to change the semantics of existing functions.

Nah.  I certainly don't need it, nor (seemingly) does anyone else, since
said action wasn't happening with either DELN or DELC in the first place.

Actually, I thought the DELN function was a rather strange and non-standard
kind of lineedit beast to have (thinking with the box/underline cursor
paradigm, and given the DELC function), but since there were three different
delete-wrt-cursor-position functions so clearly indicated, I went ahead and
"fixed" the "broken" one.

All of which was just an aside to my real intent, which was to add the
missing LYE_DELEOL function, to the edit suite.

| While you're at it; if the code that implements Fote's DELC really does
| the same thing as the original DELN, then you can get rid of the duplicate
| code and change LyStrings.h to define DELN and DELC as the same value.

Yeah.  I'll do that. Always willing to whack unnecessary code.

| Actually, that is Fotes binding and my comment. I'm using BestBinding.

What is "BestBinding"?  Perhaps I should take a look at it, if it is
publically available.

And as long as I'm doing a bit of cleanup in this area, let me reiterate
the question I asked previously:

 "is there some rationale for all the trailing whitespace in
  LYEditmap.c:LYLineeditNames[] for the "Default Binding     " string?"

If not, I'll remove it, as I think it could cause a problem if "Default
Binding" were specified in the lineedit_mode .lynxrc variable, without the
(non-obvious) trailing whitespace.


"Old code never dies ... it just waits for the year 2000.  Quietly."   --Me

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