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lynx-dev depth limit for traversal?

From: Adrian R.D. Pepper [MFCF]
Subject: lynx-dev depth limit for traversal?
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 19:34:25 -0500 (EST)

I would like using "lynx -traversal", perhaps most for its side-effect
of producing a record of bad links.  (lynx?)

But here, as at lots of places, many lower-level pages refer to higher
level pages, and so, no matter what page you start at a traversal
usually wants to traverse the whole server, depth-first no-less.

I haven't missed the documentation for the option to limit the depth
of the traversal search, have I?   It would be really useful.

lynx -traversal -traversal_depth=1 <URL>

would then be a way to check for unreferenced links (on its own server
at least) on the given page.  Once the depth could be limited, one
might consider not limiting the traversal to the original server, and

lynx -traversal -traversal_depth=1 -traverse_world <URL>

Or whatever (perhaps a set of possible traversal_restrictions could be
devised--hmm -traversal_domain=., etc,
maybe) would allow one to check all links on a page.

And, indeed, the retrieved text might be useful for indexing, general
searching, etc.

Has the depth limit been considered but rejected for some reason?
(Or, indeed, did I miss the documentation for it).  Or is it simply
that nobody found the time to implement it?

Does anyone have any reactions (improvements?) to these ideas?

Adrian Pepper

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